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Layout: S2 Bloggish - Light FX

Style: S2 Bloggish (works on Insane Journal, JournalFen and Livejournal!)
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Custom Comment Pages: Yes
Navbar: No

Layout : Light FX

Live Preview @ gingerwine or InsaneJournal!

Since IJ doesn't have Expressive, the next best option is Bloggish :)

  • Insane Journal, JournalFen and Live Journal compatible
  • Perfectly centralized entries
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Usernames above entry titles for easy reading
  • Will work on free layouts
  • Custom comment pages included (How comments look!)
  • Images for the Linkbar included! (Reply/Edit/Track etc.)
  • You can also change the header, link colors and entry title colors :)

Instructions, Codes & Credits
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Layout: Expressive - Express Yourself - Paid Accounts

The codes all work perfectly now ^__^

Title: Express Yourself
Style: S2 Expressive
Resolutions 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Navbar: No
Custom Comment Pages: Yes

Click for Live Previews:
Chocolate Bark

  • Usernames appear above entry titles for much smoother reading
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - check out the guide included!
  • Centralized Entries
  • Sidebar across the top
  • Images for linkbars (reply, comment, edit etc.)
  • Custom Comment Pages


Zip file includes step by step instructions to set up the layout + a customization guide to change all colors, widths, alignment and add MULTIPLE images for headers, sideheaders and background!

Please note: this layout will not work on free or plus accounts.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Layout: Smooth Sailing - Lines

Style: S2 Smooth Sailing
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Firefox, Opera, IE
Custom Comment Page: yes
Navbar: Disabled automatically
Ads: untested
Website link: Not Needed
Default Icon (sidebar): Disabled

Lines - Smooth Sailing with 9 diferent color schemes

Preview Aquatic

Includes a guide to easily:
  • change all the colors
  • change the layout width
  • Align the layout left or right or center
  • add/remove header image, sidebar and/or background image.
NOTE: As always, the sideboxes at the top are completely scrollable so add as many links as you want. Tag boxes, search boxes etc. should also work fine with this layout.

Instructions, Codes & Credits
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I apologize, but...

I really apologize, since I feel I'm doing this in the wrong place, but I can't seem to find anywhere else to ask. If any of you know where I could request a layout made for S2 [paid user account] and you could advise me, I would be so thankful to you. If it is possible to place a layout request, or you guys have one that closely matches, for what I want, that would be sweet too.

What I'm looking for is a dark layout. A good bit of black and grey, maybe some blood red. All in all, something that's kind of vampirish or just over-all horror flickish.

Thanks, and again, I'm sorry if I broke any rules, but I've come pretty much to my wits end.
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s2 flexible squares - organizational - 3 themes

Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Browsers Compatible: Firefox & Internet Explorer
Best View: Firefox with at least 1024x768 screen resolution
Works with nav bar?: Yes
Custom comments?: Yes
Credit: grafikitty
Preview: There are 3 themes available. Click on a thumbnail for a full preview.

Periwinkle Rip
click for larger preview
Get the stylesheet here.

Casual Friday
click for larger preview
Get the stylesheet here.

click for larger preview
Get the stylesheet here.

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Layout: S2 Component - Shades of Grey

Please note that S2 Component is only available to paid, plus and permanent LJ users.

Style: S2 Component
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: IE, Firefox, Opera
Custom Comment Page: yes
Ads: yes (both vertical and horizontal)
Website link: not needed
Default Icon:yes
Navbar: disabled automatically

Layout : Shades of Grey

Live Preview

Instructions & Code

The original photograph used for the header image was taken by Tim Porter.
Userpic by _excentric_ (here) and community pic by damnicons (here)
Layout by gossymer

Quite Lickable: Tierra del Fuego

layout ------------------------- example of meta ----------
Permanent Live Preview (not paid) provided here.
Current Preview (paid) can be seen at girlboheme

Style: Quite Lickable
Website: not required
Default Icon: not required
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browser(s) Compatible: IE/Firefox
Credit: yes, please.
Work with Nav bar?: No
Work with Paid Acct?: Yes.
Work with Plus Acct?: No.

[ Please go to my journal for download information, rules, etc.  thanks! ]
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Second of the day!

The Sun (tabloid) is now available for use off The Style Contest

Use S2 blogger, and make sure that you have Themes>none set under the look and feel tab. No website required! This layout has a sidebar, and it can be on either side. Not available without.

Please credit me in your userinfo.

Free Image Hosting at

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